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About Travel Adapters Online

Travel Adapters Online was created by Amy Day, a Concierge who saw the need and opportunity to provide hotels with an ever increasing and essential supply of universal travel adapters.

"Some hotels buy travel adapter plugs from retail outlets, missing out on an opportunity to make a profit by buying adapters at a low wholesale price and selling them to make a profit."

"Many guests leave home without a travel adapter for their mobile phone or a laptop. If hotels can serve guests by providing these easily it takes the stress away from their guest and enables them to have a more enjoyable stay."

"Special events such as the Olympics provide the perfect injection of international travellers to ensure demand is high enough for hotels to move large numbers of universal travel adapters."

"We have recently developed our range to cater for retail customers offering the adapters in a blister pack"

"We have a wide customer base ranging from hotels, manufactures, importers, shops."

"Some hotels are selling adapters, others have them ready to loan to guests and the generous ones give them away."

"Together we are working to provide uk hotels and businesses with the best and most efficient service so it's one less thing you need to worry about."

To bulk buy uk universal travel adapters at a great wholesale prices click here.
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