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Bulk Buy Travel Adapters for UK USA AUS EU
Wholesale Travel Adaptors For UK
EU UK to USA Australia South America Wholesale Adapters

Wholesale Travel Adapters For UK, Europe and USA
From Just £1.30 

  Buy Universal Travel Adapter Plugs in Bulk

Wholesale travel adapter plugs with or without blister pack for:
USA EU to UK. UK to Europe. UK EU to USA. 

Ships The Next Day From Our UK Warehouse.

Number of Adapters  Price Per Travel Adapter without Packaging Price Per Adapter with Bubble Packaging 
 20-120  £1.45 exc VAT  £1.60 exc VAT
 160-200  £1.40 exc VAT
 £1.55 exc VAT
 240-320  £1.35 exc VAT
 £1.50 exc VAT
 400+  £1.30 exc VAT
 £1.45 exc VAT
Postage for all UK mainland deliveries flat rate £12.99 inc VAT. 
Please contact us for shipment to all other destinations.

Buy Universal Travel Adapters for use in UK, USA or Europe by selecting the appropriate number of travel adapters and clicking Add to Cart, then scroll to the bottom and click View Cart to pay. 

VAT is included in the prices seen below.
Travel Adapters For use in UK-
No Bubble Pack


Travel Adapters For Use in Europe –
No Bubble Pack


Travel Adapters For Use in USA/AUS/NZ/
South America No Bubble Pack


Online payments are made securely through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account. If you would like to pay by BACS please email your order to us by clicking here or filling out our contact us form. Orders are usually sent out within 2 working days please let us know if your order is urgent.

About Travel Adapters
Travel adapters accept plugs different counties and convert the original plug to fit another socket. The UK universal travel adapters are suitable for a phone charger, ipod charger, hairdryer, hair straightener, laptop adapter and other small electrical items used when travelling to the UK.

Travel Adapters Online allows you to bulk buy universal travel adapters for the UK, Europe and USA at wholesale price, enabling you to make a great profit margin by selling the travel adapter to your customers. RRP £5.00-£10.00.

Travel Adapters For use in UK-
 With Bubble Pack


Travel Adapters For Use in Europe-
With Bubble Pack


Travel Adapters For Use in USA/AUS/NZ/
South America With Bubble Pack


When you have finished shopping click View Cart.

Disclaimer: Please note that although national standards have been met, the safety of the universal travel adapter is dependent on the users understanding that this is not a voltage converter. Users should ensure that their electrical device has the appropriate voltage converter built in. Failure to observe this may cause damage to their device and/ or the electrical socket. Travel Adapters Online and any other associated persons take no responsibility whatsoever for any damage or accident caused by the use of these adapters. By Clicking on the buy now button you agree that you have read and understand this disclaimer. 
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